Today the great website Product Hunt pointed me in the direction of a pretty awesome Mac app that is currently being developed on Github.

Called Lumen, this app has been designed to help manage the brightness of your Macbook and gain more advanced control over it by allowing you to change the brightness of its display based on the contents of the screen.

It does this right from your Mac’s menu bar, from where you control it by simply using the brightness keys, as you would normally do that.

Lumen will then learn your preferences and set those preferences automatically.

Here’s how the developer explained it:

Lumen will automatically brighten the screen when you’re looking at a dark window (for example, a full-screen terminal) and it’ll automatically darken the screen when you’re looking at a bright window (for example, a web browser). This makes for a much more pleasant experience, especially at night.

You can check it out and download the app from the source link below.

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