If you are anything like me and find that your internet history is often filled with past searches on Kickstarter, then you might remember a project called LUMOback that first launched on the site back in June 2012.

A sensor that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone to provide information that can help you improve your posture, the LUMOback is a new device that aims to help cure back pain.

Worn around the waist, the sensor can be strapped onto your person using an elastic band and will send real-time data to the application, providing visualizations to help you see how well you are doing.

Launching today in the UK, the LUMOback is now available from various Apple stores and from the LUMOback website for £129.99, and is currently only compatible with the iPhone 4S and up alongside the 4th generation and up iPads, the iPad Mini and the 5th generation and up iPod Touch.

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