A new product has hit Kickstarter today, called the Lunecase it uses electromagnetic energy to show notifications from your phone on the back of your handset (the case).

To do this it doesn’t actually need any power, instead it uses the excess energy from it that wouldn’t actually be used normally, energy which is normally surrounding the product anyway.

When it identifies that you have an incoming call of text it will then show a relevant notification on the back of the case, using the spare power, its pretty clever stuff to be honest.

However in order to get the project into real life, they need funding from backers, $50,000 in order to get the device into production. Thankfully that goal has already been completed.

You can still pick up your own Lunecase (despite the fact they have reached their goal) by heading over to their Kickstarter project page at the source link below, where it is available for $39.

Before you do however, check out the video below for a quick look at the case itself.

Source Kickstarter

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