A company named Luxrobo has today unveiled what they are calling the “world’s first Robotics of Things” platform.

Called MODI, it has been designed to allow anyone to create IoT-enabled robotic devices in such a way that it can be completed in a few steps. It works by allowing you to magnetically attach separate models to one another, it doesn’t matter the side that you connect them to, or the order that you do it, with no extra work required, simply snap them together.

It will also work with the MODI companion app, which will connect the MODI’s Network module to your smartphone over Bluetooth and will allow you to control the MODI over your smartphone. As soon as you open the app, it will search for any nearby MODI Network modules and connect automatically.

And you can also code all of this for extra customizability via the MODI Studio, where you simply need to drag and drop commands into a table to get your robot doing pretty much anything that you want.

Check out the video below for a quick look and be sure to hit up the source link to find out more and to back the project.

Source: Kickstarter

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