Lynktec is one of those ‘newer’ companies with some simply amazing products, you cannot believe haven’t been brought to the market yet essential for your everyday touchscreen tablet and phone use, including styluses in every color and design you could want, stands making watching movies on the coach a hole lot easier and finally there microfibre cleaning cloths.

Their microfibre cleaning cloths, which they have dubbed ARTcloth, are some of the best cloths I have seen on the market. Not only do they come in various awesome looking designs and memorable paintings, they look after your wellbeing too.

They do this through antibacterial protection, which allow you to protect your device from widespread germs and bacteria, which has been done with a specially woven fabric which will basically grab all of the bacteria on your device and trap it, the great thing about this is once your done you can sling the cloth in the washing machine to get rid of that bacteria for good.

Once in the machine you just set it on a cold temperature and send it on its way, to dry it you can then sling it in your dryer on a low temperature making it even easier to dry.

Lynktec have also designed the cloths with a dual sided fabric, with one side used to remove smudges, oil and dirt and a silky side for buffing, in Neil’s video review he found this worked really well, removing the smudges and oil he placed their with a couple of quick swipes, he also found the cloths to be extremely portable, making it easy to carry round with you pretty much anywhere you go.

Check out his full video review below, also remember to check out where you can grab your own ARTcloth for just $8.

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