When Lytro first hit the scene with their magical after-refocusing cameras a lot of people suddenly became interested, however the small problem was that no one could really find it that useful when compared with a DSLR or an ordinary point-and-shoot camera, due to its lack of screen and various much-needed features.

That might all change soon however, as the company is back with a new DSLR-like camera called the Illum, which uses the same refocusing technology, but in more of a DSLR-like style, featuring an 8X (30 – 250mm) optical zoom and a high-speed shutter, Lytro hopes it will gain a bit more traction than its predecessor.

The lens will also be joined by a constant f/2.0 aperture, 1/4000 shutter and a 4 inch backside touchscreen display. There’s also a new sensor which is said to capture 40 million light rays, which is way over the original’s 11 million.

The processing software used after an image is taken will also work with both PhotoShop and Lightroom, allowing the user to refocus their pictures after they have been taken, generate 3D images, adjust the depth of field and create tilt shifts.

And on top of that, photographers can also use the cameras built-in software, and even publish their photos online, allowing users to interact with them much like in the image above (well exactly like the image above).

The Lytro Illum will be available from July in the US for $1,500, no word yet on worldwide availablity or pricing, you can however pre-order the camera now from the source link below.

Source: Lytro

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