So if you have been looking into cabs recently then you would have probably heard of a company called Uber, who allow users to book a taxi from their smartphone.

Well now there is another, called Maaxi, the service has been designed to do the same, but instead it also allows users to share their ride with up to 5 strangers, a service which Uber has done with UberPool and UberPop, but not in the UK as of yet.

Maaxi have spotted this and decided to launch their service in London.

To use all you need is their app, from which you can book your own individual seat within the black cab. This cab will then be shared with up to five other people and should mean your fare will be cut in price.

From the app users can also set their preferences against a number of options like price and time, alongside the option to either share or solo a taxi ride.

There’s also a live departures board in the app that shows what cabs are available.

Maaxi also state that 2,000 taxi drivers have already signed up for the service, so that could mean getting the options you want within this is likely.

Check out the source link below for more information.

Source: Maaxi

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