Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion went live just a few hours ago, but owners are already receiving issues when usingApple’s Up-to-Date program, where for some reason they are receiving a “this code has already been used” error.

During the process users using the Up-to-Date program must enter their serial number of their Mac, and once approved Apple will send them a unique code which can be redeemed on the App Store, except it doesn’t seem to be working like that.

Were not sure if this is just a temporary thing whilst Apples servers are being bashed or if it’s an ongoing thing which Apple needs to fix, but we will have more information for you as it comes our way.

[Update] Users On MacRumors Forum have reported that Apple will be reissuing codes to people effected.

“I got my code 2 days ago and mine is invalid also. I just called up applecare about 30 minutes ago and told the guy my situation and he had me try to redeem it again but it said it had already been redeemed. He then said that his system had a note in it saying that anyone who redeemed their serial number and got one of the invalid codes should recieve another email within one business day after mountain lion was released (already happened so the time is ticking now).”

Via [MacRumors]

[Update 2] Apple has started reissuing the codes:


Via [9to5mac]

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