Apple has just announced that Mac OS X Yosemite will be ready to download to everyone from the Mac App Store today for free. This also comes alongside the iOS 8.1 release next week and the free release of a new version of iWork for free today.

OS X Yosemite was first announced in June at WWDC and is a complete overall to the Mac OS X software, with a new and simple design that borrows ideas from iOS, and even a few new features that will allow the OS to work with devices running iOS 8 or above to all for features like Handoff and even calling and texting from your Mac.

In order to update you can simply click the “Update” button when you receive the notification to do so a bit later. Or you can head over to the Mac App Store and select the update manually, or just go ahead and find the listing for the new OS on the store page.

iOS 8.1 will also be released next week with a few new features including OS X Yosemite integration, a beta of the iCloud Photo Library, the Camera Roll and integration with Apple Pay.

To update to iOS 8.1 next week, simply go into your settings select Software Update and hit install.

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