Apple rumors are more or less a daily event when it comes to tech news, and yesterday was no different with a source from 9to5 Mac who has been proven to work in the supply chain stating that Apple is currently in talks over the next MacBook Pro design.

The source said that Apple will soon be releasing a brand new MacBook Pro with a new thinner design, Retina display (which we have known for a while) and USB 3.0.

According to the source Apple will achieve this by building the Pro much like the process to get the Air thinner, which is to move all the ports to the top of the device and removing the optical drive, this has come with detailed information as to what ports will be on the device and where they will be placed.

On the left will be the MagSafe power connector, two USB 3.0 ports, audio in/ out jack and finally the battery level indicator. On the right-hand side is two thunderbolt ports, one USB 3.0 ports,  SD card slot and a Kensington lock slot.

As you may have just realized this means that the Ethernet port and optical drive are missing, which could be a problem for some people in the future and will mean that the Air and the Pro will look pretty similar.

Via [9to5 Mac]

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