One of the biggest problem with the new MacBook is that it only has one port, using USB-C, the laptop combines it’s charging and USB ports all into one reversible solution, which is great because it’s easier to use, however it’s also bad because there’s only one of them.

There is however a new solution on Kickstarter that you might be interested in.

Called MacHub, the project was created by George Prokopenko and is based on the Palm Coast in the US and aims to create a hub solution that provides the user with more ports, but does it in a sleek and stylish manner.

Check it out via the video embed above.

You can also hit up the source link to find out more about the project, and to back it for yourself.

MacHub is looking for  in funding and already has over  at the time of writing, to get one for yourself the project is asking for the backing of $40 or above.

Source: Kickstarter

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