As part of the Macintosh’s 30th Birthday the guys from Curved have decided to give the original Mac a more modern design, creating a concept that they think would be similar to the Macintosh if it was released today.

The team also used a number of components from a number of current Apple devices to design the new Macintosh concept, including an 11 inch display that is featured in the MacBook Air.

Curved described the concept with the following statement:

“The Macintosh is a computer with history: with its first desktop computer “Lisa” Apple showed more than 30 years ago not only what was technically possible – the design of the iMac & Co. regularly causes stir. For CURVED/labs a good reason to develop a pioneering anniversary model for Apple that can not deny its origin.”

You can find a quick look at the concept by viewing the images below, and checking out the source link.

Macintosh 1

Macintosh 2

Macintosh 3

Macintosh 4

Source Curved

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