Recently some new technology by Apple come to life, called iBeacon it allows bricks and mortar locations to push offers and recommendations as the customer reaches certain locations of the store, or even as soon as they walk through the door.

But that’s pretty old news now, the new news is that Macy’s will be the first location to use the iBeacon technology, allowing them to transmit special promotions, coupons, recommendations and more as they enter beacon zones to their iPhone 5S via the Macy’s app.

The beacons can also accept payments, without bumping or tapping anything, and have been installed with Shopkick’s new ShopBeacon, which will be available to retailers for $40 and can be mounted onto walls or any flat surface, and will be fitted in the NYC Herald Square and San Francisco Union Square stores for Macy’s.

At the moment there’s no news on how far this trail will be going, but its interesting to see stores trying out this technology.

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