This week Mad Catz unveiled some new additions to their range of RAT gaming mice.

As part of this announcement, Mad Catz unveiled the upgraded RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RAT PRO S+ and RAT PRO X+. All of these provide a range of different features.

Specifically, they all feature extra gaming functionality as well as integrated intelligent lighting, which is powered by their Kameleon RBG technology.

All of the mice will be available to purchase before the holiday season at the end of 2016.

Mad Catz explained more with the following:

The new line of RAT mice features key parts that are adjustable and customizable to accommodate different sized hands and grip styles. This Dynamic Ergonomics philosophy is a key feature that runs through-out every RAT model, vastly improving the gaming experience and comfort of play. From the adjustable palm rest of the RAT4 to the ultimate customization of nearly every surface of the RAT PRO X+, users can tweak their RAT to near personal perfection.

The world’s most customizable mice, wrapped in a bold color scheme designed to appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike, have also been given integrated intelligent lighting, powered by Kameleon RGB technology. Multiple illumination zones enable users to select from up to 16.8 million color variations and apply various illumination effects, making the RAT mouse the centrepiece of their gaming rig.

In addition, the new RAT line of gaming mice goes beyond Dynamic Ergonomics enhancements and Kameleon RGB illumination to incorporate a host of other new features. Newly-installed sensors and button configurations contribute to the feel of each mouse in the user’s hand and how the mouse reacts and performs to user commands. And, regardless of the genre or style of play, the new FLUX Software Interface can be used to quickly and intuitively tune all aspects of the sensor, macro buttons, and RGB LEDs to meet each user’s unique needs.

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