Yup, there’s no yet another Android console to choose from, with Ma Catz unveiling their own Android console at E3 2013, which was originally teased by the company CEO Darren Richardson a couple of weeks ago.

The M.O.J.O has been designed to work with any GameSmart controller, mice, keyboard or handset made by Mad Catz, and is a Tegra Zone- compatible device, allowing it to access NVIDIA’s TegraZone application.

Madz catz said the following about the introduction of TegraZone in their press release stating, “We also want M.O.J.O. to be a truly open platform. People are already comfortable buying games from Google Play, Amazon, TegraZone or any other retailer of their choice. They play those games on their phones and tablets already, and with M.O.J.O., they will be able to play them in the living room at no additional cost.”

As its still in the prototype stage, no specs have been revealed yet, although there are rumors that it will feature 16GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, full-size HDMI out port, two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and a microUSB port, and is also expected to include Bluetooth and  C.T.R.L.R Wireless GamePad technology.

Check out the gallery below for a sneak peek at the device.

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