2K’s Mafia 3 was reasonably well received, however, there were some requests for additions that could make the game better.

Today 3K responded to those requests with the launch of a new DLC for the game, for free.

They revealed the launch in their latest blog post, in which they stated that the new DLC would add a range of new features with a new racing mode, the addition of some new custom cars, and a range of new outfits to wear in-game.

The new customisation options can be accessed via Big Rick’s Garage location, where you can customise a car’s decals, exhaust pipes, spoilers, wheels, and superchargers, with 50 customisation options for cars.

There are also some new racing mods in the game, with the addition of 12 new races.

Six of these races are circuit laps and the other six are point-to-point races, all of them can be unlocked in-game via all of the three lieutenants in the game, after which, they will show up on the map.

Doing will in these races will unlock the previously mentioned car customisation options.

And that’s still not all, there are also three new outfits in the DLC for Lincoln Clay called “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke”, “On the Prowl”, and “The Classico”.

And 2K have said that there will be even more free updates on the way for the game.

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