[Update] Maker’s CEO, Danny Zappin has posted a letter to explain his side of the story, check it out below:

If you watch the YouTuber, Ray William Johnson which I’m sure a lot of you do you may know that about two months ago he left Maker Studios due to some issues between the two.

Last night RWJ revealed the true reason for this in a blog post on the New Media Rockstars blog, where he explained how the YouTube Network had started to shut down his projects within the company including his web series, =3 and the album he had been working on for the past 8 months with Your Favorite Martin, all of this in an attempt to force the YouTuber to sign what he described as an “aggressive contract”.

A contract that demanded he gave the company 50% ownership of =3 alongside a higher cut of his AdSense revenues.

All of which he has backed up with photographs of contacts as well as communications between him and Maker Studios all in order for his “Youtube [sic] Adsense [sic] account to be returned to me as promised so that I can move on with my life.” alongside which he also wrote that he “hope[s] that this story will make anyone in the Youtube [sic] community think twice about signing their Adsense [sic] over to a Youtube [sic] network or third party.”

This is not something unusual with networks around the globe, but this is the first time I have ever heard it happening on YouTube and if true is certainly a shoddy way of doing business, I guess however that the studios would be pretty pissed at him leaving the network due to the fact the YouTuber enjoys a CPM rate of $2 for every 1,000 views, which means he can make around $8,000 per video (of course this is just guess-work as YouTube forbids users from discussing CPM rates.)

Based on that same guess-work it means that Maker Studios has actually made $112,000 from the 14 videos RWJ has made since he left the network, of course all of which has not been returned to Johnson yet as the company are holding his AdSense account hostage as he claimed in an earlier Tweet.

[email protected] holding a Youtuber’s[sic] Adsense[sic] account hostage after you promised to sign it back over is bad for your business.”

Of course all of this is just one persons view of things as we have yet to find a response from Maker Studios on this, however Shay Carl (one of Maker’s founding members) has made a vlog talking about the situation:

Source: New Media Rockstars

[Update] Maker’s CEO, Danny Zappin has posted a letter to explain his side of the story, check it out below:

[spoiler show=”Show Letter from Zappin” hide=”Hide Letter from Zappin”]Hi All,
I felt it was probably a good time to reach out and communicate directly to all of you. It’s been an amazing year which is coming to an end with no shortage of excitement. I want to explain some of the things that are floating around and hope to give more clarity and transparency to all of you, as I’m sure you may have questions and concerns.
The founders started Maker for two reasons: We believed passionately in YouTube and we wanted to give talent the support, resources and community that would help them excel on the platform. As talent ourselves, we experienced firsthand how challenging it was to have to be a one person production studio – from wardrobe, to make up, to producing and editing – and then find time to be creative. Maker was started with people who are like family. Many of our friends quit their jobs, moved to LA, slept on our sofas or in Maker houses to pursue this dream with us. Our friend and fellow YouTuber Shay Carl was the first YouTube talent to move here to help start Maker and everything snowballed from there. Shay picking up and moving his whole family from Idaho helped make what was just an idea at the time into a real thing. It’s incredible what we have achieved together as a company since then.
In the last three years, Maker has grown to more than 300 employees, the No. 1 independent network on YouTube and will cross 2B views/month in December. We now have an amazing new studio that includes shooting spaces, production offices, prop and wardrobe areas, edit bays, recording booths and more. All along we sought to create a community and space that would give staff and partners the tools and resources to continue to drive content creation and creativity. We wanted to help as many individuals as possible make a living doing what they love, which is being creative. In the process, we have created a totally new entertainment model. I am blown away by what we have accomplished together and it could not have been done without all of you. Thank you.
I also want to address Ray William Johnson’s recent blog post. To clarify, Maker has an ongoing contract with Ray, as we do with every YouTube content partner we work with. We treat contracts confidentially, so I can’t get into specifics. What I can say is that we continue to honor our obligations. Ray receives everything that is owed to him. He has full transparency into his earnings, as does every single talent in the Maker Network. He receives exactly what his channels earn under the terms of our deal.
To the teams at Maker who went above and beyond to support Ray for over a year and a half; we want you to know that we appreciate all of your hard work. Many of you have worked on =3 as writers and crew, on the animation team that helped to create Your Favorite Martian, in the music studio where you produced and created the music for YFM, on the tech team that created his website, in the legal department where you protected his trademarks, on the merchandise team that made =3 t-shirts and hats, or with internal management where you booked his guest hosts along with helping him to navigate seamlessly through all of these areas. I want to thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Together, you have created some of the most viewed content on YouTube. Please know you are all very much appreciated by the Maker founders and management team.
Moving on to me. As many of you are aware, about 12 years ago, I made a mistake for which I was convicted of a felony drug possession. This is not something that I am proud of, nor is it something that I hide or am ashamed of. I chose to look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow from. It was a mistake, but it helped shape who I am today. In the end, it changed the course of my life in a very positive way. I was extremely motivated to learn from my mistake and worked hard to prove to myself and others that I could be successful and live up to my full potential. I have been transparent with our senior executive team, investors, friends and family about it. I feel it is important to share with all of you, as it was an important life experience that led me down the path of helping to build Maker. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be given a second chance.
To all of you that have shown your support for me during this time, I really appreciate it. The texts, tweets, hugs, videos and support of my family, friends and fellow co-workers have been very moving. Although I have not personally replied to all of you to say thanks, please know your support and encouragement is much appreciated and has been an overall reinforcement of my love of this company and all of you.
Thank you,
Letter Via: AllThingsD
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