Dr. Steve Mann the Inventor of the wearable computer system, recently claimed on his EyeTap blog that he was assaulted earlier this month a McDonald’s within the city of Paris for wearing one of his augmented reality glasses named the EyeTap Digital Eye Glass, in his blog post, Mann explained how his month started off by going on vacation with his family, which ended with him being assaulted by what seems to be one of the restaurants workers, trying to rip off his eyewear before pushing him onto the street.

Mann has up to now been wearing his glasses for 34 years and is where he now stores a lot of his personal information, including a letter from his physician explaining the eyewear, he was then allowed into the restaurant by the employee, Mann is calling “possible Witness 1”, he then went to order his food and sat down, this is where this got weird as another assistant comes up and physically assaults him:

“Subsequently another person within McDonalds physically assaulted me, while I was in McDonand’s, eating my McDonand’s Ranch Wrap that I had just purchased at this McDonald’s. He angrily grabbed my eyeglass, and tried to pull it off my head. The eyeglass is permanently attached and does not come off my skull without special tools. ” (The spelling mistakes are not ours, as this is a quote, note to all the trolls out there)

Within his post there is no explanation for his assault or any mention of any injuries sustained from the attack, but Mann does have a good set of images taken from the eyeglass, all of the faces have been blocked out but you can get the idea.

With no look so far, Mann has been completely unsuccessful with his attempts to get his glass fixed, with no luck contacting McDonalds or the embasasy, he now needs your help, head over to his blog and drop him a comment, or just share his post.

Via [EyeTap]

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