Marshall Headphones and Marshall Amplification have teamed up to today announce the availability of the new Hanwell Anniversary Edition speaker and amp, which will be made available today for £650 in the UK or $800 US, the amp will also be available across other areas in Europe and in Japan.

The Hanwell is a huge part of Marshall’s heritage, celebrating its 50th anniversary the amp was actually the first home audio product to include Marshall’s script logo.

The speakers deliver a sound that Marshall says, “resonates with the presence and power of live music” with a wonderfully crafted design and sound to keep that Marshall tone alive with dual long throw woofers for the lows, hi-fi tweeters for the highs you end up with a full and sharp sound.

The Hanwell has been designed with a wooden cabinet housing which has been clad in black vinyl this helps to keep the amplifier look, with the fret cloth and golf logo on the front even borrowed from Marshall’s vintage line of amplifiers theirs no question that the Hanwell shouldn’t hold the Anniversary Edition badge.

You can find out more at the source link below.

Source: Marshall Headphones

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