To celebrate the place where all began 50 years ago Marshall have launches a new set of headphones named, Major 50 FC.

The headphones include the same great design you expect from Marshall, the inner ear caps have even be specifically designed with the same fret detailing used in their 50th anniversary line of amplifiers.

The outside has also been designed with Marshall’s amplifiers in mind, with the usual black overlay and gold accents, and of course that great logo on the outside.

Even the head rest comes with its own inscription, celebrating the year and place where Marshall first began, “LONDON, ENGLAND, 1962.”

The Marshall Major 50 has also been designed with an Apple certified microphone and remote/ volume control up the headphone cord.

Of course there will also be a carrying case included to keep it all protected when on the go, obviously that’s not the main reason to buy a set of headphones, it’s all about the specs at the end of the day.

And within that respect the Major 50s don’t do too bad with a 40M Moving Coil Dynamic Speaker with a 47 ? impedance, 20~20KHZ frequency response and a maximum input power of 20MW.

Check out the source link below for more information.

Source: Marshall Headphones

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