Over the course of last year, Marshall unveiled a range of headphones that they have gradually built upon with more tech and more sound, this week they unveiled one of the first of these headphones to be released in 2017, the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth.

This set of headphones features a typical design from Marshall with a black-and-gold colour scheme as well as the Marshall logo emblazoned on the side of the ear cups.

The headphones are also over-ear cans with cast metal hinges and a rugged padding.

Inside of the headphones, Marshall has fitted them out with 40mm drivers, these come alongside Bluetooth with aptX technology along with a 3.5mm headphone jack for listening in passive mode, as well as a micro USB charging cable for getting juice back inside of the battery.

And Marshall claims that this battery can last a massive 30 hours of playback time from a single charge.

Finally, they will also come with a canvas carrying bag.

You can pick them up today for £219 in the UK or $250 in the US from the source link below.

Source: Marshall

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