With the introduction of multiplayer with Mass Effect 3 Bioware decided to also give players the opportunity to compete in N7 challenges, these challenges much like Call of Duty’s XP weekends generally last the weekend and allow players to increase their N7 rating.

This weeks challenge is called Operation RAPTOR, the description of which says this:

BioWare has revealed the details for this weekend’s Mass Effect N7 Challenge: Operation RAPTOR.

“The Reaper horde is growing, so we must as well. Effective military strength needs to increase, and veterans must train conscripts so that they, in turn, can train others,”

SO basically, you need to promote 2 of your characters to the single player campaign, after which you will receive a Commendation Pack and an increased N7 rating if all players complete this goal then all of the players will also receive a Victory Pack,

The event will begin on Friday at 5pm PST on March 30th and will run until 5am PST on Monday, April 2nd, and in order to participate you must set “Upload Gameplay Feedback” to “on” in the online options to be able to participate in Operation RAPTOR, aswell as this you will only be able to play on Xbox 360 and PC due to restrictions on the PS3

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