The producers of Mass Effect 3 tweeted out a couple of pictures yesterday that seem to be teasing some new DLC for the title, both Casey Hudson and Michael Camble where in on the game teasing two separate photos that show two separate things.

The first of the photos is screenshot of a casino that looks to be on Omega or the Citadel, probably more the Citadel however. The second of the two photos shows a Krogon with a weapon that looks a lot like the Halo Gravity Hammer, with some suggestions that it might be a like with Dead Space.

The first screenshot can be seen above and the second below.


[Update] Sam Hulick seems to be joining the teasing game, with the following tweet indicating that he is working on the soundtrack for the next mass effect 3 dlc, so the rumors are true and its very likely if they need Sam it could be a campaign dlc pack.

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