If you are looing forward to the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda and you are considering which console to get it on then you should keep reading this article.

According to the general manager of Bioware, Aaryn Flynn, Mass Effect: Andromeda will run at 1080p on the PlayStation 4 and 900p on the Xbox One.

He revealed this news on a thread on the Neogaf forums, where he also revealed that both copies will run at 30fps.

“Last I checked, we were like other Frostbite games on PS4 and XBox One – 1080p and 900p respectively. All are at 30 fps. PC has uncapped framerate. I think we’ve even gotten over the 30 fps cap in cutscenes, but I’ll double-check in the next couple of weeks.”

For some, 30fps might be a little low, given that a lot of other titles are hitting the 60fps mark nowadays, this is quite a sad point for the game, however, 30fps should run just fine.

Earlier this week, Bioware revealed the release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda as March 21st alongside the release of a brand new trailer at this year’s CES.

As we learn more about the game we will be sure to let you know.

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