BioWare have just confirmed the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy on the PlayStation 3 for December 4th 2012, which is just under a month after the Xbox 360 and PC launch date of November 6th.

As you can probably guess the trilogy will include all three games inside a single box.

The reason for the PS3’s delay is due to the engine and audio technology not supporting the console as Ryan Warden, the External Producer for BioWare said in his statement:

Despite working on the trilogy last April, BioWare and the external development team Edge of Reality ran into several problems when building the original Mass Effect for the PlayStation 3.

“There were some complications. The audio technology that we originally used was no longer supported by its developer… and the engine didn’t support the PS3,” after which he mentioned that “the levels and art assets in Mass Effect were massive and streaming into memory would probably have to work differently on the PS3 – which is NOT a trivial issue.”

“Then there was performance. At the outset, we didn’t know what we’d find with Mass Effect, and wouldn’t know until we were hip deep in development. We needed to see the game in motion to make fixes, and fixing performance issues isn’t easy.”

Let us know if you will be picking up the trilogy below.

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