Bioware has today unveiled the release of Mass Effect Trilogy, which will include all three Mass Effect games on one disc/ download, which will be available on November 6th on the Xbox 360 for $59.99 (not sure of a UK price, will update this when I find out :).

During the trilogy, you will follow Commander Shepard as he makes his way from a simple Marine, all the way to a hero during the massive galactic war that is set to change the shape of the galaxy forever.

The launch day fits in perfectly with N7 Day, which is only a day after and will see fans celebrating all-night Mass Effect playthough’s, which I’m sure you will find on YouTube somewhere.

Alongside the trilogy, Bioware will also be making the 1st game available as a standalone title within the PlayStation Network, which will presumably happen at the same time as the trilogy’s release, alongside a version for the PC which is expected at a later date.

However there is no news on a Wii U version, which is strange and does make wonder, but if we hear anything, I will be sure to update this to.

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