Master & Dynamic’s MH30’s are a delightful set of on-ear headphones, designed for the on-the-go user who wants better sounding headphones but without the added weight, they offer similar features to Master’s MH40 and MH headphones, but with a more portable design.

M&D MH30 Review 006And the design is one of the biggest features of these headphones, featuring round quick-swap leather pads, with 130-degree swivelling fulcrums and replaceable arm bolts that make it great for the user who wants a long lasting set of headphones, but without sacrificing any portability or adjustability of the headphones. The headphones also feature a foldable hinge that allows the earpads to fold up to the middle of the band, allowing the headphones to fit into a smaller form-factor when you are not using them, this hinge is slightly resistive and has a satisfying fell to it when folded, this means that the hinge itself should last some time and shouldn’t be accidentally folded.

On the top of the headphones, you will find the thin but sturdy headband, made using a “Premium Alcantara” material that is also featured on interior surfaces, ear pads, and earcup insets for consistency, it gives the headphones a real premium fell, whilst making it a more comfortable to wear. The rest of the headphones have been designed with forged aluminum that Master & Dynamic say should mean the headphones last for “decades of use,” and has been backed up with a number of stainless steel components in the high strain areas of the headphones, and then anodized in your chosen colours, which include gunmetal, silver and black, this can then be contrasted with different leather colours that include black, white and brown.

This is then finished off with a well-made heavy-duty woven cable, that can be plugged into either the left or right side of the headphones, and even used to daisy chain up to other MH headphones. This cable feels very durable, with a nice 1.25m length and the inclusion of an in-line remote and mic. You also get a 2.00m standard cable, 3.5/6.3mm Gold-Plated Adapter, leather cable box and canvas headphone bag in the box.

M&D MH30 Review 005

The sound of the MH30’s 40mm Neodymium drivers can sometimes be extremely filling, lows are punchy in the upper and mid bass regions, which makes it great for listening to genres like classic rock, however, we wouldn’t say these headphones bring out the best of the low-end, it is a completely different listening experience to a lot of the headphones we have used, as soon as you switch on some hip-hop you immediately notice the backing of the track, with the main attention focusing on mid-highs and vocals that float above all of this for a full experience, although the vocals could be crispier.

M&D MH30 Review 001Probably the best description of the MH30 is that they are a sort of sound sampler, they will suit anyone who is looking to listen to any and all types of music, they don’t want to stick to one taste, and enjoy all walks of life from Indie Rock all the way to the odd Drum and bass track.

However, the problem is that the headphones only provide a glimpse at these sounds and the headphones won’t provider a complete representation of all of these genres, with a focus on the vocals they work great with any band, or singer-songwriter, however when you get into bassy tracks you find things get blurred a little.

M&D MH30 Review 004

The biggest problem like many other headphones within this market is that the MH30 are unforgiving to the medium or larger sized head, they cannot be adjusted very far, so you will find that if you have a rather large melon the earcups of the headphones won’t sit directly center to your ears, this means that the headphones exert pressure on the top and bottom of your ears a little too much, and can mean that they become uncomfortable after extended periods of use.

If you do have one of those melons that you might find that an oblong sized earcup might suit you better, Master & Dynamic’s MH40 features this size of earcup, so they might be a better option to look at however, we have not gotten our hands on that set yet.

That all said, the MH30 are a great set of headphones for the all-around music lover, and if you find yourself dipping in and out of different versions of music then they are definitely a worthwhile investment, and thanks to their foldable and lightweight design, they not only look great with awesome premium materials, they also suit your needs perfectly, wherever you are listening.

You can find out more about the MH30’s at Master & Dynamic’s website here.

Disclosure: Master & Dynamic provided us with a sample of the MH30’s for the purposes of this review, after the conclusion of which they were returned.

The headphones for the all-rounder
The MH30's look fanatic with a premium metal and leather design.Feature a sound design that is perfect for the sampler.Extremely portable, with a lightweight, portable design.
Not suited well for the larger head.Price tag might be high for some however, we would still say these headphones would be a great investment for many.
4.5Overall Score
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