Master Lock has today announced a new smart padlock that uses Bluetooth technology to allow for keyless entry.

4401EURDLH_A_HR_BIKE 8This results in a padlock that is probably the easiest padlock to use, combining wireless technology with a smartphone to create a smart padlock that makes locking and unlocking anything from your shed to your bike as easily as just walking up to it, without the need for a key.

This is done via the companion application for smartphones and tablets, which is not only secured with military-grade encryption but also eliminate any worries about lost keys or forgotten combinations.

The app can also grant limited-time access to items that you have locked for your friends, family or anyone else you wish to access your locked item whilst you are away.

It also has a directional keypad for times when you might not have your smartphone or tablet, on top of that, the app can also notify you if someone tampers with the padlock, the battery runs low, or provide you with information about the activity with the padlock.

Rebecca Smith, the Vice President of Marketing at Master Lock said the following about the announcement:

“Our Bluetooth Smart Padlocks offer greater speed, ease of use and control to deliver a new level of security, access, and freedom in portable padlocks.”

“By turning your smartphone into a key, this product provides a cutting edge combination of security and convenience.”

“Master Lock strives to develop fresh, innovative products that provide consumers with exceptional security, convenience and peace of mind.”

“The Bluetooth Smart Padlocks pair our brand’s safety and security expertise with new technology to deliver a totally new experience in a portable security product.”

The Master Lock Smart Bluetooth padlock will be available in two versions, one for use indoors and one for use outdoors.

The indoor version will be priced at £69 and the outdoor version will be available from £89.

They are both available for purchase now, you can read more about them at the source link.

Source: Master Lock

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