Today Master Lock unveiled their latest digital safe.

Called the Select Access Smart, it is a smart box that has been designed to lock your keys away but also provide access to trusted people should you need that.

It measures just 13cm high and 8cm wide and features a zinc construction and a weatherproof body that means that you can use the box wherever you need it. Where the smart features really come into play is with Master Lock’s iOS and Android smartphone companion app, Vault eLocks.

This app allows you to connect to the Select Access Smart over Bluetooth and then open up the box by simply pressing the button on the front of the safe when your phone is close to the box.

From the app, you can also give permission to other people to do the same, be that on a permanent or temporary basis.

You can also limit this access to certain days or times, so if you have someone who turns up on specific days or at specific times then this might be a great option to allow them in when you are away from home, for example for your cleaner. It would also be a great way of providing access for someone to look after your home when you are away.

And you or they don’t even need an app to access it, the box also has a backlit numerical code pad on the front. This can be used alongside a code that you give to the person instead of needing a phone.

To top that off, the app will also be able to warn you of any suspicious activity via a notification, which is a pretty handy add-on feature.

Master Lock claims that the battery in the Select Access Smart will last for two years, but can be easily replaced with a CR123 cylinder battery. It does also have a jump function which will allow you to temporarily power the lock so that you can still access your keys should the battery go out when you need them.

If you are interested, you can pick up the Master Lock Select Access Smart for £109.

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