According to the BBC, MasterCard is planning to do away with the traditional password authentication, revealing the news at MWC 2016.

The new system will be available in Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, and will swap passwords for authentication via selfies and fingerprints, which should be more secure and easier to remember, after all, you can’t forget your face or finger.

The new system will be available via an app on the PC, tablet of smartphones, however, the BBC has stated that credit card details will still be required for online purchases.

But with this, customers will need to either look at their device’s camera or use its fingerprint sensor to verify their identity instead of needing a password, and to help make this even more secure, MasterCard will require users to blink when taking a selfie, and despite recent reports claiming that facial scans and fingerprint data can be compromised, MasterCard says that it is confident in its security mechanisms.

Facial scans and fingerprint data will not be transmitted during transactions as one security measure.

You can read more at the source link.

Source: BBC

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