One of the biggest gadget releases this year was most certainly Google’s Chromecast, which is a device that allows users to easily stream content to their TV by simply plugging in a small HDMI stick.

The Chromecast has become so successful that we have seen a number of imitations from a number of competitors recently, and now it seems as though Mozilla might be in the running too, launching their own competing device on Kickstarter called Matchstick.

“Matchstick is a small, WiFi-connected HDMI stick that plugs into your HDTV or HD Monitor that lets you stream and interact with your favorite stuff from the Internet – movies, TV, music, games, and more! You can even use it in a conference room to get presentations or other media from your laptop to an HDTV.”

“Seen this before? Well, we approached the Matchstick project with the mindset to to build a completely OPEN hardware and software platform, so we moved forward with Mozilla to create the first streaming stick built and certified for Firefox OS. Matchstick is a entirely new product category for Mozilla, and we can’t wait to bring it to you!”

Matchstick will be based on the FireFox OS and can be plugged straight into a TV via a HDMI port and then connect to a wireless network to stream content from another device to your TV.

Once connected you can then stream movies, music and games on your TV from a range of smartphones, tablets and computers.

All the user has to do is look for a small sharing icon on any app that uses the developer API, and you should be good to stream.

You can find out more about the device at the source link below, where you can pledge to grab your own device when it launches, and all for a pretty cheap price, with the normal version going for $18 as the pledge price.

You can also find out more by watching the video above.

Source: Kickstarter


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