Mattel the designer of toys announced their own digital home assistant at CES 2017 this week, called Aristotle, it is a Wi-Fi Bluetooth speaker that looks and works in a similar way to what the Amazon Echo does, but unlike the Echo, it has been designed with kids in mind.

It provides children with access to two AI personalities, one of whom is a female assistant who claims to be descended from a Greek philosopher, and the other is the voice of Amazon Alexa.

The Alexa part has been designed to be used when adults are talking to the assistant, allowing parents to shop for products and complete other Alexa-related commands, while the other assistant has been designed specifically for children and is capable of reading bedtime stories to your kids on command.

To get that to work, the Aristotle will listen to a test paragraph from the child to allow it to recognise the child’s voice and understand the difference between the child and the parent.

The speaker will also come bundled with an internet-connected camera to allow it to function as a baby monitor with object recognition to allow it to interact with other Mattel toys.

It also features a set of lights along the speaker that can be set to light up in a range of different colours.

The Mattel Aristotle is set for release this June for $300.

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