Max Payne 3 already looks amazing, but with this most recent multiplayer gives us more details of some of the best multiplayer elements which are epic.

The first multiplayer game described is Gang Wars which uses events from the single player game as a starting point for the multiplayer game, within it you must complete 5 chapters each of which could feature 1 of 10 different game types.

The next element of the multiplayer explained is vendettas and bursts, vendettas are enabled as a sort of death streak type element from Call of Duty multiplayer, where if you are killed by the same player a multiple number of times you will receive a vendetta, where you will be able to see that person’s location on the map, if you kill them you will be rewarded with additional xp, but if they kill you they get the extra xp.

Bursts are a second feature earned by leveling up, each of which has three levels requiring more adrenaline to activate, once activated though you get some amazing advantages in-game which could give you the difference between winning and not meeting.

The last feature explained is crews, which help players keep matches going throughout both Max Payne 3 and other Rockstar titles. As you play in a crew you will earn more xp which can be used to unlock more weapons and bursts, alongside this you can have feuds against other crews.

Check out the trailer below for more details.

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Max Payne 3 – Multiplayer Gameplay Part Two Published via

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