It’s been a long nine years since the last Max Payne 3 game was released, but the wait is finally over with the arrival of Max Payne 3 on the console and PC.

Max has been through some pretty tough times through the last two games, which ended with the death of his wife and child, through the 3rd game Max is still traumatized by this, and he shows it through obsessive drinking and painkiller-popping throughout the games cut scenes.

But that doesn’t take up the whole game, Max has taken a private security job in São Paulo to protect a wealthy businessman, Rodrigo Branco as well as his family, but as you can expect this doesn’t happen easily with Rodrigo’s wife captured you have to get here back, drawing the game into a story filled action shooter.

When you begin your first mission you mat notice various effects Rockstar has used to make the game seem that bit more dramatic, including scan lines, shifting film stock amongst over things which at first I found to be a real annoyance, but over time it grew on me and now I actually feel these do add something different to the game.

Which brings me on quite nicely to one of favorite parts of this game, the graphics which I must say are truly amazing, I found the cut scenes to just glide in right next to the actual gameplay making for a nice gaming experience, I actually only seen loading screens when I had just started the game back up, which is great for a game this huge.

Alongside the cut scenes, one of the main graphical achievements within this game is defiantly the kill camera, which allows you to track that final bullet from Max’s gun all the way to the target, making the kill that a whole lot more involving, as well as the last kill cam you will also get these when during the back from the death scene where you must kill the person who has just killed you in order to come back alive.

Moving onto gameplay I found that the series has still managed to keep the same old great gameplay from the previous games, which leads you always thinking what will come next, will Max save the man’s wife? Or is he just trying to kill himself? Two things that the games narrative forces you to think.

One thing that I for one did not enjoy this game is most defiantly the guns, I hated to tiny white dot you use to kill people with for one main reason, during a bullet scene you cannot see the thing for love or money as it just blends in with the background, I would have preferred to see an updated version of the gun but was left disappointed.

The best part of the game, which most players might hate is the unavoidable cut scenes, which I think are great. Granted some can get quite lengthy but if you just watch one of them you can tell the immense detail that has been put into making them whole scene look amazing.

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Throughout the game there is a ton of violence, with a variety of bullet wounds, burnt flesh and dismembered limbs, there’s no way you can’t say, Max Payne, 3 doesn’t have a bit of blood, but in my view there just wasn’t enough and sometimes I did fell like the knee I have just shot should defiantly be bleeding a bit more rather than just squirting an upwards for a few seconds, but some of the bullet scenes do make up for this.

One thing I defiantly could have felt been integrated into the game is more room to get lost, with set paths for you to follow you never end up not finding that person you need to shoot or getting to that objective in time, as there is only one path set out for you, and I felt this could have been widening a bit more to allow for further exploration.

One of the best parts about the third addition to this game is most defiantly the Arcade and Multiplayer modes which allow you to continue playing even after you have completed the single player campaign.

One of these Arcade games you can play is called In New York Minute, where you are tasked to play the entire campaign whilst there is a five-minute countdown timer above your head, you must complete every mission before this clock counts down in order to win the game, but don;t worry the more guys you kill the more time you earn. which makes it the most fun part within the game, we do think that you should play normal single player first however just to get a good feel for the game.

Something new to the Max Payne series is Multiplayer, which brings this third person shooter to the internet, allowing you to play various game modes against other players around the world.

I think Max Payne 3 is great overall but does have a few problems that I should point out, the first I feel is the constant narration from Max speaking in the past tense, which can be a bit annoying at times, alongside this I didn’t like the huge lack of free roam, with the game constantly controlling where you can go to different areas, we felt the worlds within the game could have been spaced out a bit more giving the player a chance to get lost once or twice during a playthrough.

But I did like the graphics and storyline within the game, which I felt brought the game up massively.

[easyreview title=”Max Payne 3 Review Scores” cat1title=”Graphics” cat1detail=”I could tell the whole way through the game that the graphics had a lot of work is done on them during the games production, and really liked the use of kill cams” cat1rating=”8.5″ cat2title=”Sound” cat2detail=” Whilst narration happened a little too often in the game is still think it was great, and truly gave the game that ‘real feeling’, the voice actor James McCaffrey really did a great job.” cat2rating=”8″ cat3title=”Gameplay” cat3detail=”I felt at times the gameplay was a little to controlled, but I think the storyline really managed to bring it back.” cat3rating=”8″ summary=” Max Payne 3 is truly brilliant, but I think that gameplay was too controlled at times, not giving players the opportunity to roam free. But the sheer amount of time you can spend playing this game is awesome, defiantly one to put on your to play list”]

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