A listing appeared on the PlayStation Blog today that is pretty interesting, and was then quickly removed, but as is often with the internet, it didn’t remain that way.

An image of the listing has since been released around the web, showing none other than No Man’s Sky for $59.99 and a release date of March 3rd.

Last time we heard about a leak for the release date for No Man’s Sky, it didn’t turn up to be true, and given how close this date is, it’s unlikely that this will actually happen, that’s supported by the last official news we heard about this release date, which was said to be June 2016.

As of yet the developer Hello Games and Sony hasn’t released anything specific in terms of a release date or price for the game.

Here’s the image:

No Man's Sky PS Blog

We don’t yet know if this is real, but if we find out we will let you know.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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