Smartwatches are cool but they do come with some design problems, making it difficult to find a watch that goes with your style, neglecting the grand design of previous watches for smart features.

Grayton, the mechanical watchmaker wants to change that with the launch of their new Indiegogo project from the Origin.

Origin is a mechanical self-winding timepiece that hides some secret smart features in the strap.

First and foremost, this thing looks cool, and that is definitely its biggest draw, however, it is also quite smart, allowing you to connect the band to an Android or iOS device and to the Grayton companion app, allowing you to track fitness activity, control music playback and receive vibrating and signal notifications.

It can then be charged through a concealed USB port at the end of the strap, which is interesting, however, it would be cool to have wireless charging in it.

That said, it’s still a great idea. You can check out the video below to grab a quick look at the watch and the source link below that will provide you with more information and a place to back the project.

Source: Indiegogo

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