There are a few live-streaming applications around at the moment, so to stick out from the crowd Meerkat is looking to add more features to make its app more useful for its users.

The first step in this process is today’s launch of a new feature that allows users to broadcast from a GoPro.

In a new partnership with GoPro, Meerkat has been updated to work with a select few GoPro cameras, which starts with GoPro Hero3 from today and will soon also be updated with support for GoPro Hero4.

At the moment the real-time live streaming feature with GoPro is only available on iOS, however it is reported that Meerkat is looking to add the feature on Android soon.

To use the new feature you simply need to connect your GoPro camera to your iOS device via WiFi, install and open Meerkat on that iPhone and then shake your iPhone to start a stream, Meerkat should automatically recognise that your GoPro is connected and then start broadcasting.

You can take a quick look at the feature via the Tweet below.

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