One of my favorite shows and one I have been watching from the start on the BBC is Merlin, and one thing that I am excited to come out in the future is the game version of the series. Developed by Bossa Studios, Merlin the game will be available on Facebook and will involve players wandering around Camelot in multiplayer.

The game will still be set in the same place as the original TV Show, with the same music and player designs. Players will be able to quest as knights or magicians working their way up to fight with Merlin and Arthur, but you won’t be stuck with a plain old melee or magic character as you can mix and match spells from the magician and melee attacks from the knight.

The game is expected to enter a closed beta this summer ad will launch later in next years autumn to match the date of first episode of the fifth series of Merlin, if you want to sign up you can do through the Merlin The Game Site, and don’t forget to check out the behind the scenes video below, for more information on the new game.

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