Konami has this week revealed a new special edition or their Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance game, which will be released on December 5th, and will include all of the downloadable content that has already been released.

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This means that anyone who hasn’t had a chance to play the game yet will be able to quickly run through all of the content that has already been released for the console, and they won’t have to download anything as it is all included in the disc.

All of this brings the content up to 30 VR missions, Jetstream content, Bladewolf content, a special wood katana, five costumes for Raiden that includes the Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden costume, Grey Fox costume and a Metal Gear Rising theme.

All of which will be priced at just $25, however as of yet the game has only been announced for Japan, but it’s likely that Konami will release the game elsewhere at some point later.

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