Earlier this week the next game to be added to the Metro series was teased.

Called Metro 2035, it is expected that it will be launched at some point in 2017. It was teased on the official website this week, which is where you can also purchase the new book in the series.

On the site, it explains a little more about what we can expect about Metro 2035, stating the following:

The Metro epic spans over three novels and two video games, tying their stories together in an addictive transmedia plot. This Russian version of the Apocalypse has won a cult following in the Western world and Asia for a reason: it tastes like nothing you read before.

The final part of the trilogy takes us back to Artyom and his struggle to get the people back to the above world they once ruled. This is a standalone story that can be read independently from the previous books and games – yet for those who have been following Artyom from the very beginning, Metro 2035 crowns the saga in its own way. Characters of all the books and games meet here, their destinies intertwine, and everything you knew about the world of Metro is turned upside down..

You can head over to the source links below to find out more about it.

Source: Eurogamer : M2035

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