Charging cables are annoying, especially in the dark, you end up fondling around for ages, only to find out that the cable is the wrong around anyway.

Thankfully, Winnergear has a solution to that problem, called the MicFlip, it is an awesome cable that is completely reversible on the micro-USB end of the cable, sadly the USB end is not so reversible.

MicFlip review 1Not only is it reversible, but it also improves upon a normal cable in a few other ways on top of that.

The MicFlip is 3 foot long in total and features a nice nylon braided design that means it is more durable than your average cable and it’s also tangle free.

Each of the aluminum connectors is also covered in a gold plating.

I tested the MicFlip alongside the review of the Sony Xperia X (a review for that is coming soon).

During my tests, I found the MicFlip to be extremely useful, especially when compared to the standard cable. MicFlip fits into the device’s connector just as you would expect, it works in a similar way to the Lightning cable, meaning that you can plug it in without looking, or even thinking about it.

MicFlip review 2

That all said, you really need to think about your purchase before picking up a MicFlip.

The main reason for this is because more and more devices are using USB-C devices, which renders the MicFlip pretty much useless, personally, I had to wait for a review unit with a microUSB connector, so despite having the cable for a few weeks now, I have only been able to release a review this week, which shows how many devices now support USB-C.

On top of that, the cable is also priced at £9.99 (previously £16.99), so that’s quite a hefty price for a cable that might only last you the next couple of years.

So although the MicFlip is an extremely cool product, but sadly it was launched at the wrong time, if only it was released a few years ago.

You can find out more about the MicFlip, and pick one up if you want on WinnerGear’s website.

Disclosure: WinnerGear sent us a sample of the MicFlip for the purposes of this review.

MicFlip reversible micro USB cable review
4.0A fantastic reversible microUSB cable, the problem is that you might not need one.
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