The BBC and the Micro Bit Educational Foundation have today announced that the micro:bit computer will be making its way outside of the UK.

This comes after the Raspberry Pi esk mini computer has been available in the UK only since March this year, it features a range of LEDs, a Bluetooth sensor, accelerometer, compass and a couple of buttons.

It also has five rings to connect other sensors, all with the aim of helping school children to learn how to code.

The Foundation’s goal is to that this product and get into the hands of 100 million people.

They aim to make the micro:bit available across Europe bt the end of 2016, and then expand it further to North America and China in 2017.

They are currently developing Norwegian and Dutch-language versions of the coding web tools to facilitate this launch. If you live in the UK you can pick up a micro:bit today for from £12.99.

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