In the upcoming May update for the Xbox One Microsoft will be adding a ton of new features to the console.

This includes sending of voice messages over the Xbox Live messaging system, allowing users to simply click on the mic icon within the messaging app on the Xbox One, click that and you can send a voice message to anyone on your forum.

On top of that, voice messages will also work from the Xbox One to the Xbox One, or Xbox One to Xbox 360.

And there’s still more, Microsoft is also beginning it’s integration of dedicated hosts for the party system, adding integration that tests everyone’s connection in your party, and if it finds  hitch between the connections it will join the party to its own private voice server.

In their future this is hoped to be standard for every party, making the Xbox One one of the best system for socializing in our opinion.

The May update should be hitting Xbox One’s around the world from today for some members, and everyone over the next few weeks.

Before that time, you can take a look below.

Source: Major Nelson

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