Microsoft has today announced a new software update for its Windows Phone 8.1 OS called Lumia Denim. The update was announced during the companies event at IFA 2014 and comes with a number of enhancements that will be exclusive to Lumia devices.

One of these improvements is a new feature for Cortana called Hey Cortana, which is similar to Google’s Hey Google phrase in that it allows users to activate Cortana without using their hands. As this relies on the SensorCore it will be a Lumia only feature, but it will also be compatible with Bluetooth car kits.

These also a new feature called geofencing which will allow Cortana to remind you of something when you arrive at a certain place.

Microsoft has also enhanced the camera for use with a hardware button along with some other software improvements. Another new camera feature is the inclusion of something called Moment Capture, which allows the phone to immediately capture 4K videos at 24fps with 8.3 megapixels per frame, these can then be used to pull out high definition photos, all the user has to do is scroll through and select the frame they want.

Burst shoots can now also shoot between 3 and 12 images, and there’s also new dynamic flash, auto HDR and improved imaging algorithms.

Aside from the camera, the update brings back Glance Screen, which shows the user Bing weather, fitness data and notifications, alongside the intorduction of Live Folders as standards and a new customised start screen for Apps Corner.

Microsoft have also added a new SMS merging and forwarding feature, as well as the ability to change the snooze time for the alarm, and the introduction of secure consumer VPN.

Lumia Denim will be initially on the Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon initially, after which it will land on all Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia devices later this year.

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