Microsoft has today taken a step down with Windows 8.1, moving away from touchscreen functionality, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore announced during Mobile World Congress that “some of those touch affordances weren’t really tuned as well as we could do for those mouse and keyboard users.”

This means that they will be announcing a new update that will introduce a title bar at the top of the modern apps, and will include both power and search buttons on the Windows 8 Start screen.

Leaks have also revealed that the new update will also allow users to boot to the desktop instead of the current Windows 8 start screen by default, as well as introducing the ability to launch applications from the taskbar, similar to what a user would do with a classic Windows app.

There will also be new mouse controls for right-clicking and closing applications.

Microsoft have also announced that the update will also allow for lower minimum requirements to 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

The update doesn’t have an exact release date yet, known as Update 1 internally, it will be released to developers at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in April.

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