Microsoft has today announced their first major upgrade to their Windows Phone OS since October 2011, granting some more details on its new Windows Phone 8.1 OS at BUILD 2014.

Once of the first new features has been named Action Centre, bringing a pull down menu to Windows Phone for the first time, showing notifications and buttons for quick controls such as turning the WiFi on/ off at a quick tap.

Cortana was also announced for the OS, named after the AI from the Halo series, it uses the same voice access as was used in the titles, allowing users to search, control calendars, send messages, make calls and more via voice controls.

Cortana will also get her own feed information title, and can be extended through the use of third-party applications.

Cortana will also get something called the “Notebook”, a UI that shows everything it has learned about the user, as well as allowing the user to edit data that has been collected over time.

Users of the OS can also chose their own background for the home screen and lock screen in the personalise settings.

Cortana will launch initially in the US as a beta, but will also be coming to the UK and other territories in near future.

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