As you may know Microsoft will be releasing their new Windows 8 operating system later this, alongside some new Bluetooth enabled, keyboards and mices, which were announced today.

The first product on the Bluetooth list is the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard, which comes in a curved design for a more natural resting position for the users hands and wrists, the keyboard also has a feature where it will automatically go into sleep mode if left unused for a period of time, and will cost $49.95.

Next up is the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard, optimized for tablet users, the keyboard comes with a cover which doubles up as a stand, the keyboard is pretty basic but does come with various shortcut keys for Windows 8, and will cost $79.95.

Now its time to introduce the mices, the first is a kind of weird one, the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse can be used on a variety of surfaces thanks to its BlueTrack Technology, alongside this the mouse also has a “backpack mode” which puts the mouse into a sleep mode whilst not being used, the Wdge mouse will cost $69.95.

The fourth and final product is the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse, which offers the same experience as the wedge, but without the backpack mode and only costs $49.95, oh and it doesn’t look like a block of cheese.

Alongside this the already released Touch Mouse, will be updated to bring finger swipe navigation, and pinch to zoom. All of the other four products will be released over the next few months before the launch of Windows 8 on October 26th.

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