We all knew it was going to happen today, Microsoft has announced the fall release of the newest update to Windows Phone 7, creativity named Windows Phone 8. One problem with it however if you own a Windows Phone you won’t be able to upgrade it to this software, only phones which have been released after today will be eligible for upgrade, this is because the hardware requirements for WP8 do not meet any current WP device.

Those hardware requirements include, multi-core processors up to 64 of which, up to WXVGA displays with 1280 x 768 resolution and external storage on SD. But this does mean the software allows for better more demanding apps as well as the ability to be written in native code which includes C and C++ and will run on the kernel shared with Windows 8 and RT truly expanding Microsoft’s ‘ecosystem’ they keep banging on about.

Within the software there is also NFC support which allows for a new Wallet application, but is reliant an augmented SIM instead of hardware, which means carriers won’t have to remove apps just block support, alongside this there is also support for Nokia turn-by-turn apps with offline maps support.

It does look quite good, not happy about the fact it won’t be available on previous models but if it means better Windows Phones who can argue, set for release this fall you won’t have to wait to long either.

Via [EnGadget]

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