Microsoft has today announced that they will be launching a preview program for the Xbox 360, which will be similar to the Xbox One preview program that was launched some time ago.

The news was announced on the Major Nelson blog by Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb. In his post Hyrb revealed that those who still have and Xbox 360 will be able to sign up to the program in order to grab earlier releases of the software, getting to preview new features for the Xbox 360 before they release to the general public.

Here’s his announcement:

Starting in early March select invitees will be able to join the Xbox 360 Preview program. This will work much like the Xbox One preview – and selected customers will be able to sign-up directly from their Xbox 360. Look for a special Xbox Live message then head to Settings, then account then under account management if you’ve been selected, you’ll see Xbox 360 Preview Registration. Sign up there and enroll your console. Nothing will happen yet, but we’ll let you know when the Preview is ready to begin through a Xbox Live message.

You can find out more about the preview program at the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

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