I have watched the video above a fair few times in order to see if there was any reason for what went on during the course of the video, but I truly cannot see any reason for Microsoft’s bouncers to practically attack this OAP.

The video takes place a few nights ago during the Surface launch event in Beijing, China where they threw a party with dancers and dance music, which kicked off at midnight till the early hours of the morning.

Due to the load noises going on at that time of night, the grandma in the video decided to go down to the event with her husband as her grandchildren couldn’t get to sleep on a school night.

But it’s not the noise at such a late night that was the worst part, it was defiantly the way that over 10 bouncers manhandled the won.

We have not heard anything from Microsoft themselves on this up to know, but we will update this if they do.

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